NFL Betting Lines guide has been created to provide you with an accurate side by side comparison of NFL Betting Lines from all the top sportsbooks that accept players from the USA.

The goal of our side by side comparison is to make sure you get the best betting line for the games you want to wager on. If you’ve ever lost a bet by half a point on the spread or 1 point on the over under then you know what a big difference a small edge in your favor can make.A�By showing you which online sportsbook you can get best custom writing services the best value on you’re bet at we’re helping you win more.A�We’re proud to be your football betting wingman and it’s a job we take damn seriously.

Check out our top notch comparison script above to see all of this weeks NFL lines.

Betting on the NFL

Anyone who’s been betting on the NFL for a while knows that the difference in a winning bet can come down to half a point in your favor in the spread or getting a bet in on the under two points lower than it’s set at game time.

As my buddies and I became more experienced “punters” we were always digging through all the sports books trying to find the betting lines that would give us the best edge. Whenever one of us would spot a great line we’d check all the other sports books we had accounts on before we laid our bets. Taking the time to find the best lines started to make us some serious coin and we’d generic clonazepam
notice time and time again that if we didn’t check all the books and just went with the first one we saw then we would have lost by as little as a single point.


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Finding An Edge

We knew we had a good system down that would get us the most out of our picks. There was only one problem, it was completely inefficient! We’re lazy and would rather be drinking a beer and watching the game then constantly hopping from site to site to evaluate the lines for all the different NFL games each week. We realized there was only one way that this was going to work and that was to have all the info get sent right to us.

Being a bunch of savvy SOB’s, we started working on a script that would pull all the betting lines for NFL games from all the major sports books that accept US players and line them up side by side. We wanted to see at a glance what the best and most up to date line was for every game. That way, you could check all the lines on a Tuesday and if nothing strikes your eye you could come back in a day or two and see if anything has moved favorably in your direction. Our NFL lines and odds are updated at least 10 times a day so you know you’re always getting the most up to date information. Counting on our script to be up to date is as solid an investment as buying gold.

Compare NFL Betting Lines

The setup is simple. Every week we’ll show you the point spread, money line and the over under for every single game. It doesn’t matter if it’s week 1, the playoff’s or the Superbowl, we’ll always have every NFL game posted and updated as soon as the betting lines for it are available.

You can easily bookmark this page or A�sign up to the newsletter to get an e-mail at the beginning of the week when the new lines are posted as well as an update on game day.

When you find a line you want to bet on just click on side sleeper pillow reviews the name of the sports book or the red bet now button and you’ll be taken to that sports book where you can place your bet. We have a review section for all the sports books to see the pluses and minuses to each, what deposit bonuses are available and any other tips for setting up your account.

We also have a series of articles that will teach you how to bet on football.