What makes for a Good Sports Slot?

If you have followed betting news over the past few months you will have noted that the there is a drive in the U.S. and Canada to declare DFS (Daily Fantasy Sport) betting as illegal. Vermont and New York recently joined the list of State Attorneys keen to re-categorise the practice as online gambling and implement a widespread ban.

This represents huge business in North America, while it has driven trends within the social and mobile gaming markets. We have seen a plethora of sports slots hit the market in recent times, for example, as developers fuse clear sporting narratives and gameplay in a bid to target new customer demographics and create immersive experiences.

What makes for a Good sports slot?

If the market is clear and vast, however, the successful formula for creating a sports-infused slot game is less so. In such a congested market place where you can play over 700 online casino games, the question that remains is what separates globally popular slots such as Basketball Star, Football Frenzy and Rocky from others that simply make up the numbers in the market? What qualities help titles such as this to distinguish their proposition from the rest?


The first thing that is required is a single-minded premise and simple gameplay, as these elements help to appeal to clear-minded fans and provides a compelling argument for their participation. The best games avoiding various elements from alternative sports, as while this may theoretically appeal to a broader target market it actually creates a hybrid game that no single demographic recognises.

In generic terms, it is also crucial that you create a free-to-access sports slot that empowers players with the freedom of choice in terms of how and when they spend their money. This is a trend that drives the slot and online casino market as a whole, and in terms of sports games it is crucial that any upgrades and paid tiers are relevant. Football slots should scale the experience as players’ progress through a virtual tournament, for example, while bonus rounds can incorporate elements such as penalty shootouts and sudden death gameplay.

The Bottom Line in Sports Slots


This provides with a clearly defined template for any successful sports slot, as it offers simple and structured gameplay based solely on a popular sport or pastime. Another key consideration is the actual timing of the release, as most sports are seasonal and it would make no sense to unveil a game without taking this into consideration.

On a final (and similar) note, sports slots game developers should also look to align the experience with real world events where possible. This would involve creating an upgrade for major international tournaments, for example, which borrows heavily from the existing structure and introduces new features and promotions. Such a feature could be built in to an existing tier and made available to players on an optional basis.














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