What makes for a Good Sports Slot?

If you have followed betting news over the past few months you will have noted that the there is a drive in the U.S. and Canada to declare DFS (Daily Fantasy Sport) betting as illegal. Vermont and New York recently joined the list of State Attorneys keen to re-categorise the practice as online gambling and implement a widespread ban.

This represents huge business in North America, while it has driven trends within the social and mobile gaming markets. We have seen a plethora of sports slots hit the market in recent times, for example, as developers fuse clear sporting narratives and gameplay in a bid to target new customer demographics and create immersive experiences.

What makes for a Good sports slot?

If the market is clear and vast, however, the successful formula for creating a sports-infused slot game is less so. In such a congested market place where you can play over 700 online casino games, the question that remains is what separates globally popular slots such as Basketball Star, Football Frenzy and Rocky from others that simply make up the numbers in the market? What qualities help titles such as this to distinguish their proposition from the rest?


The first thing that is required is a single-minded premise and simple gameplay, as these elements help to appeal to clear-minded fans and provides a compelling argument for their participation. The best games avoiding various elements from alternative sports, as while this may theoretically appeal to a broader target market it actually creates a hybrid game that no single demographic recognises.

In generic terms, it is also crucial that you create a free-to-access sports slot that empowers players with the freedom of choice in terms of how and when they spend their money. This is a trend that drives the slot and online casino market as a whole, and in terms of sports games it is crucial that any upgrades and paid tiers are relevant. Football slots should scale the experience as players’ progress through a virtual tournament, for example, while bonus rounds can incorporate elements such as penalty shootouts and sudden death gameplay.

The Bottom Line in Sports Slots


This provides with a clearly defined template for any successful sports slot, as it offers simple and structured gameplay based solely on a popular sport or pastime. Another key consideration is the actual timing of the release, as most sports are seasonal and it would make no sense to unveil a game without taking this into consideration.

On a final (and similar) note, sports slots game developers should also look to align the experience with real world events where possible. This would involve creating an upgrade for major international tournaments, for example, which borrows heavily from the existing structure and introduces new features and promotions. Such a feature could be built in to an existing tier and made available to players on an optional basis.














Jordan Cameron Won't Play Against Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl player Jordan Cameron has suffered a concussion, and will not be able to play against the Cincinnati Bengals in the next game, news sources report. The player has suffered his third concussion in three seasons, on the 26th of October, in a match against Oakland. He had to sit out his team’s game against Tampa Bay, and will be sidelined for the Browns’ match against the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday.

The Cleveland Browns might be forced to play without two of their wide receivers, Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel. Hawkins, the team’s best receiver with 39 catches, is sidelined because of a leg injury, while Gabriel is likely to sit out the match because of a shoulder injury. Two more team members’ participation in the next game is questionable – defensive ends Phil Taylor and Billy Winn. Taylor is recovering from a knee injury, due to which he has undergone surgery. He has just returned to practice, and not likely to play this week. Winn suffers from problems with a toe.

Jordan Cameron Won't Play Against Cincinnati Bengals

Even without these players, the Browns have the chance to overtake their state neighbors, solidifying their position as a contender for the playoffs. Also, the Cleveland team has the opportunity to break their negative record – they haven’t won any games on the road since last September. The team faces the Bengals with first place at stake for the first time since 1986. This will be their opportunity to impose themselves on the playfield. Besides, the team hasn’t been in the playoffs for over a decade – they can change that too.

Cincinnati yielded 132 on the ground to the Jaguars in Sunday’s 33-23 victory, but benefited from 154 and two TDs on 24 carries from rookie Jeremy Hill. Likely to start again for the injured Giovani Bernard (hip and clavicle), Hill broke open a three-point game with his 60-yard score with 8:04 remaining last weekend. Hill, who averages 4.7 yards per carry while rushing for 349, leads all rookie backs with five TDs. A.J. Green caught three passes for 44 yards and a touchdown in his return from a three-game absence due to a toe injury. Green hopes for a better play after he recorded nine receptions and 58 yards while often being covered by Pro Bowler Joe Haden in the two 2013 meetings with the Browns. It’s questionable if tackle Andre Smith will have the opportunity to cover Dalton after he suffered a sprained left ankle on Sunday.

All things considered, we have an exciting game ahead of us this week, good enough to keep us away from our favorite internet casino. Can’t wait…

Playing Big in the NFL

The National Football League offers spectacular events that showcase athleticism, determination, and uncertain victories. It’s a sport that’s enjoyed by adults and children and generates billions of dollars in revenue for its franchises.

NFL Mania

NFL games combine physical skill with tactical plays and strategy. Players of each time specialize in different skills and possess unique abilities relative to speed, strength, and agility.

The connection fans feel to their chosen teams is a result of the ability to identify with players and anticipate the plays and strategies used by coaches to score a final win.

The Major NFL Events

There are a number of events that attract the attention and fervor of its fans. The annual National Football League draft starts the season as teams choose new members from a pool of eligible college football players.

A team receives a draft position according to its previous year’s performance. The team that came in last receives the first position in the draft. Each team has the option to choose a player or exchange draft positions or players with another team to secure their best roster.

Understanding how drafts work can maximize your betting experience. Using resources like William Hill NFL betting odds lets you keep track of the current wagers being offered for NFL games.

Although the Pro Bowl is considered a “vanity” event by many, it is still one of the NFL’s major annual events. It occurs at the end of the season after the completion of the conference championships. The Pro Bowl precedes the NFL’s main event: the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl marks the end of the NFL season and is the ultimate achievement for an NFL team. The event began as a result of the merger between the National Football League and the American Football League.

The leagues were established into conferences, from which each would produce a champion who would go on to compete in the Super Bowl. The event is one of the biggest revenue grossing events in the world.

Betting the Odds in NFL

Betting on NFL games can be done using a number of systems. The point spread is the most popular used by fans of the NFL. The spread is determined by odds makers in order to have a balance in wagers.

The money line is often used when it is more advantageous than point-spread betting. Las Vegas is one place where money lines are used for professional football games. It requires that your chosen team only win the game regardless of scores.

Futures are also used to bet the odds on next year’s Super Bowl champions. Throughout the year, odds makers determine the abilities of teams and adjust betting lines accordingly to offer wagers.

What You Need to Know about Playing Games Online

Perhaps you’ve never tried your luck at playing games online but it’s very similar to playing with your friends at the local pub. You’ll have a myriad of questions so it’s important to do your research before you begin to participate; you should know the rules, the proper etiquette, and how to wager and claim your winnings before you get started. If you are new to the world of online gaming and casinos, one of the many questions you probably have is: what is a casino bonus? There are many online sites that will give new individuals who register to their site a bonus, as well as those who are already existing members and VIP members on the site, additional bonuses, depending on the amounts they bet on the site, and the amount of winnings they are earning when playing their favourite casino games on their online site.

New registrant –
One of the many casino bonuses a site will offer is for new individuals to their site, one being Unibet. If you are just registering, downloading the software, and placing your first deposit, many casino sites are going to give you a bonus for signing up. Some will match the initial deposit amount you make, other sites are going to give you free money to play on certain games or slots; it all depends on the site, and on the type of promotion that they are offering, at the time that you decide you are going to register to play your favourite casino games on their site.

Existing players –
If you are an existing player, knowing what is a casino bonus, and when and how to get them, is also something you have to inquire about. Certain sites will offer bonuses if you play a certain game several times a month, or if you deposit a certain amount in to your account each month, the site might offer you some type of bonus. Being aware of what these are, and knowing how to reach the bonus levels, is something you have to be aware of, especially if you play online games and casino games with any one site, on a regular basis.

For VIP Members –
If you are a VIP member on a site, and have exclusive rights to certain games or tables, there are always online promotions that casino and gaming sites are going to offer to you. Due to the fact that you spend, and spend in high amounts on their site, the online gaming sites offer free play, they offer free money, and other promotions on a regular basis, to their top players, and to the VIP members that spend in the highest amounts, each time they do come online to play the games.

There are many bonuses, and there are different promotions that are offered at regular intervals, and to different classes of online gamers. Whether you are brand new to a site, or whether you have been playing for years, there are several bonuses you should be aware of, to get the most of your money, and to possibly play the most, without having to spend your own money. When registering for a site, it is important that you ask questions, do the research, and that you find out what is a casino bonus, in order to ensure you are going to get the most, by depositing the least amount of your own money online.

Blackjack Myths Debunked

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games in the world, and given its prevalence in casinos everywhere, it’s no surprise that the game is surrounded by myths and common misperceptions. From card counting and progressive betting increasing ones chances of winning, we’re about to debunk 5 of the most common blackjack myths so listen up!

  1. Dealers Winning Streak

Myth: Ever heard of the term “hot and cold dealers”? If you’ve spent any time in casinos playing blackjack, chances are that these terms are something you hear all of the time and may even use yourself. As the name suggests, “hot” dealers are considered to be those that are deemed good or lucky, with “cold” being the world that’s used to describe dealers that are on a losing streak.

Truth: As much as people tend to believe in it, winning streaks are something that is just as common among players as it is among dealers. Everyone can get lucky, and dealers are no different but believing that the house has a way of knowing how many hands it has lost and has the power to change the game in accordance to that is truly senseless.

  1. Card Counting is Illegal

Myth: The much-publicised skill of card counting is illegal.

Truth: Technically, card counting is not illegal and can be used, but not openly. Casinos frown upon the skill for the simple fact that it can dramatically increase players odds of winning, and although it’s ok to show that you know how to play blackjack and you’re confident in your game, it’s not a good idea to show that card counting is part of your winning strategy.

  1. Dealers always have a 10 in the Hole

Myth: Many players assume that the dealer always has a 10-valued card as their hole card.

Truth: Out of the 52 cards in the deck, there are 16 that are valued at 10. Therefore, the 70% chance that the dealer is holding a card that’s not valued at 10 is much higher than the 30% of them holding a 10-valued card.

  1. Due a Win or “bit of luck”!

Myth: As with casino games in general, there are players that believe that because they’ve experienced a losing streak, they must be due a big win soon.

Truth: If you exclude the ties, every hand in blackjack has a probability of 48% of winning and just because you have lost six or seven hands in a row, it does not mean that this percentage will increase. The cards have no memory and bets should not be increased in the hopes of a winning steak.

  1. Progressive Betting Increases the odds of Winning

Myth: When using a progressive betting system, players double their bets with every loss until they win and vice versa.

Truth: The result of each blackjack hand is totally random and progressive bets do not increase ones chances of winning. In fact, it can do more harm than good and should be completely avoided.

Blackjack is a game that’s loved and enjoyed by millions of casino goers all over the world, and this popularity has lead to an accumulative of senseless myths and misconceptions. We’ve just debunked 5 of the most common so that you can eliminate the nonsense and fully understand the foundation and strategic approach that’s required to win at Blackjack.

Kiffin set for Cowboys split

It is looking increasingly likely that Monte Kiffin won’t be returning to the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff this year. The veteran coach was handed the role as the franchise’s assistant head coach/defense. That was a position in which Kiffin performed mainly as an on-field consultant. The previous season had seen the decorated assistant coach join as defensive coordinator after two years at USC. That was in a year in which the defense ranked as one of the worst in the Cowboys’ history. And while Dallas have kept Kiffin in and around the coaching set-up, it looks as though the decision has been taken to part ways.

While the Cowboys are being tipped to be serious contenders next season by punters heading to the likes of betfair, there could be a number of changes made to both the playing and coaching staff during this offseason. Kiffin may well be one of the first out of the door now the season has come to an end, but the veteran coach will be able to look back at a stellar career in the NFL if he does decide to hang up his clipboard and whistle.

After spells with the Packers, Bills, Jets, Vikings, Saints, Buccaneers and now the Cowboys, there are few more experienced defensive coaches than Kiffin in NFL history. The Nebraska native enjoyed the majority of his success during his time in Tampa Bay, playing a crucial role in the franchise boasting a top-10 defense in 11 out of 13 seasons between 1996 and 2008. During that time he tasted Super Bowl glory in 2002 in a season in which the Buccaneers made the gamblers happy to win their one and only championship.
Kiffin set for Cowboys split
by  grantlairdjr 

After leaving the Buccaneers in 2008, Kiffin spent time working in college football, including spells in Tennessee and the University of Southern California, before returning to the big leagues two years ago with Dallas. His time with the Cowboys might not have been as successful as he would have wanted, but Kiffin will always be remembered fondly in Dallas.

How to Keep Learning in Online Sportsbetting

Online sports’ betting is a great way to make extra income, but it takes some time to learn the ropes. Just like any other job, information is forever changing. However, sports’ betting has information changing almost daily. This means you need to constantly pursue keeping up with the latest trends, even if you are a professional sports better. Here are the top ways to continue educating yourself on the industry.

How to Keep Learning in Online Sportsbetting


Blogs are the best way to keep up with the latest news. With blogs such as The Sports Geek, you will find games that are coming up and what to look for. Most importantly, you will find the things to keep in mind before you make your pick. Some blogs will even give you a free pick, which is great for those who are just beginning in online sports betting. Many blogs will offer a newsletter where you can get their picks and blog posts directly in your email.


Webinars have been found to be more helpful than simple tutorial videos. While watching videos are great for learning techniques, webinars offer people the ability to interact with the expert holding the webinar. You can find lessons on specific sports, as well as learning which software is the best. If you are still a novice with online sports betting, then attending webinars will help you master the art.


Blogs are the best way to continue your education in any field. Blogs will give you strategies and secrets that the experts have been using for ages. These are great resources if you are looking to take your betting to the next level, and mentor others. As you increase your earnings, you will increase your standing in the online sports betting world. You will find online sports betting sites that cover all sorts of strategies.


On the same page of importance with blog posts on sports betting are podcasts. Podcasts are radio shows that are available on computers and phones. This allows you to have access to the shows at any time. You can listen to them live, or you can download them and listen to them at your convenience. Pregame.com has one of the most popular podcast shows. The show uses the ESPN studios to broadcast from, offers tips, and picks from the experts. You want to make sure the podcast you select can back up their picks so you can learn how to make your picks.

These methods will help you keep up with what teams are playing and how they are doing. By starting small, you will be able to grow your income by expanding your knowledge. Just like jobs send employees to training sessions, you will want to take the steps to put yourself through training. Blogs, webinars, books, and podcasts will help keep you from falling behind the times. You will also get a chance to learn from the experts and slowly become an expert yourself. Finally, people will put more trust in you if you show them that you are still learning and growing in the business.

Jets move quickly to sign Johnson

While New York Jets general manager John Idzik had come in for criticism for his perceived lack of activity this off-season, that all changed the minute Chris Johnson became available. The former 2,000-yard running run back had only been in the free agency for 11 days before Idzik managed to convince him to move to New York on a two-year deal worth $8 million with an addition $1 million in additional bonuses during the two years.

Johnson is coming off the back of relatively disappointing season in which he rushed for 1.077 yards, scoring 10 touchdowns on a career-low 3.9 yards-per-carry average – but the Jets wasted little time in moving to sign the 28-year old and adding him to their power-running offense. Johnson underwent knee surgery on a torn meniscus at the end of last season but has been passed fit enough to return to full pre-season training with his new team-mates.

With many people writing off Johnson after last season, the running back has made it clear he is determined to make the most of this opportunity in New York and prove the many doubters wrong in the process.

“I have a fresh start. Now I am going to go out there with a chip on my shoulder. I know a lot of people are doubting me. I want to prove everybody wrong who has doubts in me,” said Johnson.

The bet365 odds may be giving the Jets much hope of making the playoffs this season, but betting fans would do well to reserve their final judgement on this Jets team’s hopes this year until nearer the start of the season. New York head coach Rex Ryan oversaw an improvement in results last year and has more than enough talent in this squad to be able to finish this season with a winning record for the first time since 2010.

While Johnson may not be the same runner as he was back in 2009, the three-time Pro Bowler still has plenty to offer a New York team that puts most of its focus into having a run-focused offensive unit, with Geno Smith now expected to win the quarterback battle with Michael Vick. Johnson joins a running back division containing Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell and Mike Goodson, but there is still plenty of time for the roster to take a significantly different look before now and the beginning of the season.

In what will be his seventh professional season, Johnson has never finished a campaign without breaking 1,000 yards rushing, and the Jets will be hoping their new arrival can continue that record this year. While Johnson is an ideal signing New York, coach Ryan will be aware that he needs to manage the running back, both physically and mentally, if he is going to get the best out of his new man. And with an in-form Johnson at his disposal, Ryan will be confident of surprising the odds and leading the Jets back into the playoffs.

Betting on the Super Bowl

Could this be the Seahawks’ year at last? The side from Seattle has never tasted victory in the Super Bowl, but their fans will be fantasising that 2014 is going to be the year that this record is broken. They will point to the superb performances that the team has put in during the regular season – which has led them to the top of the NFC West. They will also point to the genuine quality players they have in their team, typified by Russell Wilson at quarterback, and it would be difficult to dispute any of this – as well as their 5/2 odds-on status. So you should be gambling on them for it, right?

Betting on the Super Bowl
A lot of people will be, and bets on the Seahawks for the Super Bowl are as good as any other, but they will not have it all their own way between now and February. The team just behind them in the eyes of the bookies, the Broncos (10/3) are also really strong –, as they have shown in topping the AFC West Division. The Patriots, at the head of the AFC East, are another team that has everything it takes, and the odds of 14/1 on them could be more attractive if you want a wager that offers you a shot at a bigger windfall should it come through. Of course, if the size of the payout is the biggest issue for you, then playing $5 Million Touchdown at www.luckynuggetcasino.com will be the best option of all.
After all, what Super Bowl bet is going to win you $5 million – which is the size of the potential jackpot you could scoop by playing this NFL video slot game. Like most of the other sports themed slot machines at these sites, it is also a really fine gaming experience – with the bonus game revolving around trying to score the winning point in a simulated American football match a particularly impressive example of the game bonuses that these games offer. If all this is not enough to convince you, consider the fact that you can even play games like this at NFL matches now, just by downloading them to your phone or tablet from a mobile casino.

Cleveland Brown a tempting bet

While the Cleveland Browns started the season as firm Betfair outsiders for this year’s Super Bowl title, the franchise’s odds have dramatically shortened over the course of the offseason. After starting this year with odds of 200/1 with some bookmakers, Cleveland currently find themselves down to 66/1 with Betfair after an interesting few months for the Browns.

images (21)

While the main reason behind the shift in odds has been due to a big bet being made on Cleveland over the past few weeks, the Browns have breathed fresh life into their offense after selecting the highly-rated quarterback Johnny Manziel in the draft. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner had been linked with a variety of NFL teams ahead of the draft but it was Cleveland who secured the Texan’s services after selecting him 22nd overall.

Before Manziel can start thinking about making his NFL debut, the youngster will be tasked with learning a whole new play-book. Manziel will battle it out with Brian Hoyer for the quarterback position with the Browns this season, adding some enviable headaches for the Cleveland management. While Hoyer is expected to start the new NFL campaign as Cleveland’s number-one, Manziel has been tipped by Betfair punters to still have a key role to play for the Browns in his rookie year.

Perhaps more exciting than the signing of Manziel is that of cornerback Justin Gilbert. The Browns used their first pick to select the 22-year old eighth overall in this year’s draft, and Gilbert has been backed to be one of Cleveland’s stars during a fascinating season for the franchise. With speed to burn and power to match, Gilbert could well be the cornerback the Browns have been looking for.

Even though it may be far too early to be talking about the Browns as possible Super Bowl contenders, the franchise certainly look a more tempting bet than they did this time last year.