Online Sportsbooks

1.) Bovada

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Bonus Rating: 4.9/5

Payout Rating: 4.7/5

Service Rating: 5/5

Sports Rating: 4.6/5

Bovada Review and Bonus Info:

Bovada is our #1 recommended site for beginner sports bettors. They have been around since 1994 and have never had an issue with payments and transactions. They have the best customer service in the business and it’s available 24/7. Their initial deposit minimum is only $20.00 and they also offer a poker room and casino that you will have access to once you create your account. They don’t offer the highest levels of betting so if you’re looking to place bets over $500 take a look at 5Dimes or BetOnline.

Key Points:

1.) Minimum Deposit is $20.00

2.) They accept Visa debit, check and credit cards. (If you have any deposit issues make sure to call customer service they always find a way to work things out)

3.) Instant 10% deposit bonus. This means without having to place any bets like most rooms you get 10% of your deposit amount added to your account instantly if you use this link.

2.) Bet Online US Sportsbooks

Overall Rating: 4.7

Bonus Rating: 4.8

Payout Rating: 4.8

Service Rating: 4.6

Sports Rating: 4.6


BetOnline Bonus Betting Offer: has a decent bonus structure where you can get some high deposit bonuses, but keep in mind that they are free plays.

  • If you deposit between $100-$299, you get a 10% free play bonus with a three-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $300-$499, you get a 15% free play bonus with a four-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $500-$999, you get a 25% free play bonus with a six-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $1000-$1999, you get a 35% free play bonus with a seven-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $2000+, you get a 45% free play bonus with a eight-times rollover.

As you can see, they encourage you to deposit more by offering escalating bonuses.

Overall, we’d prefer cash bonuses instead but as we all know, cash is becoming harder and harder to find. And in those cases, the bonuses are never this high.

3.) Just Bet US Sportsbooks

Overall Rating: 4.5

Bonus Rating: 4.4

Payout Rating: 4.5

Service Rating: 4.6

Sports Rating: 4.65


JustBet Bonus Betting Offer:

One good thing about JustBet is their bonus program, which isn’t the best in the business but it does present some choices.

You can start with a big 45% free play bonus, which is a big amount but keep in mind that that is a free play bonus and not a cash bonus. The other downside to it is that an eight-time rollover is attached, which is significantly higher than the industry standard for rollovers.

If you don’t want the big free play, you do have the option to get 10% cash back twice a year (at two set dates). The bettor’s insurance a good, fairly unique feature but keep in mind that you have to bet at least 40 of the 52 weeks out of the year to qualify.

Lastly, on re-ups you get a 15% free play deposit with a four-time rollover attached.


4.) 5Dimes US Sportsbooks

Overall Rating: 4.55

Bonus Rating: 4.1

Payout Rating: 4.5

Service Rating: 4.7

Sports Rating: 4.9

5Dimes Bonus Betting Offer:

5Dimes 50% new player bonus offer is very simple to use for any sports fan looking for a good reason to get into sports betting. The 50% new player bonus offer entitles you to a 50% match bonus based on your first deposit amount. When you deposit at least $100 and go through our link HERE, you are guaranteed at least $50 in bonus cash. This offer is percentage based so you can go to 5Dimes HERE on initial deposits worth up to $400 and still receive a 50% reward.

The 5Dimes 50% new player betting bonus offer works in conjunction with any of their primary deposit methods including major credit cards, e-wallet services and bank wire transactions. You simply have to register for an account and fill out the deposit form, which includes entering in the 5Dimes Marketing Code (Use Link) in order to become eligible for the cash reward.

The bonus cash is released in 10% packages to be credited to your account each time you rollover your deposit amount.

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