Betting on the Super Bowl

Could this be the Seahawks’ year at last? The side from Seattle has never tasted victory in the Super Bowl, but their fans will be fantasising that 2014 is going to be the year that this record is broken. They will point to the superb performances that the team has put in during the regular season – which has led them to the top of the NFC West. They will also point to the genuine quality players they have in their team, typified by Russell Wilson at quarterback, and it would be difficult to dispute any of this – as well as their 5/2 odds-on status. So you should be gambling on them for it, right?

Betting on the Super Bowl
A lot of people will be, and bets on the Seahawks for the Super Bowl are as good as any other, but they will not have it all their own way between now and February. The team just behind them in the eyes of the bookies, the Broncos (10/3) are also really strong –, as they have shown in topping the AFC West Division. The Patriots, at the head of the AFC East, are another team that has everything it takes, and the odds of 14/1 on them could be more attractive if you want a wager that offers you a shot at a bigger windfall should it come through. Of course, if the size of the payout is the biggest issue for you, then playing $5 Million Touchdown at will be the best option of all.
After all, what Super Bowl bet is going to win you $5 million – which is the size of the potential jackpot you could scoop by playing this NFL video slot game. Like most of the other sports themed slot machines at these sites, it is also a really fine gaming experience – with the bonus game revolving around trying to score the winning point in a simulated American football match a particularly impressive example of the game bonuses that these games offer. If all this is not enough to convince you, consider the fact that you can even play games like this at NFL matches now, just by downloading them to your phone or tablet from a mobile casino.

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