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we are not prepared to prescribe cefixime to anyone who is allergic to penicillin as there is a risk of an adverse reaction.

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cefixime tablets and suspension, given orally, are about 40 to 50 absorbed whether administered with or without food; however, time to maximal absorption is increased approximately 0.

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as a result of the studies, it has been observed that the formulations, in which effervescent couple cefixime ratio is in the range of 15 1 to 3 1, preferably 12 1 to 3 1, more preferably 8 1 to 4 1 , disintegrate rapidly in water and cefixime active agent which has low water solubility dissolves easily in water.

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cefixime may have limited activity against enterobacteriaceae producing extended spectrum beta-lactamases esbls .


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