Free bets on touchdown

If you love the NFL and you also enjoy a wager on it now and again, then there’s a great way you can have a free bet and some genuine excitement. And this comes just about as close as you can get to the real thing.

free bets on touchdown

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Anyone registering to play the 32Red online casino who hasn’t done so before will receive a free introductory bonus of $32 for every $20 deposited. If you then have a look around the site at the different options available, you’ll pretty soon find your way to “Touchdown”.

Go to the site’s “games arcade” followed by the “virtual sports” tab and you’re there. This game is a virtual re-enactment of the whole NFL season, from the regular season matches all the way to the Super Bowl. Each week’s virtual play, with various gambling options, lasts for one and a half minutes.

With the game, you may decide to bet on the Handicap or the Money Line – on results of different regular season matches and play-offs. But you may also decide to have a gamble on who’s going to win each different division – or on the Super Bowl outright.

You can then choose single bets or multiple bets with up to 247 different combinations. If you click on the ‘i’ for information depicted alongside each fixture, there’s a form guide to help you make your decisions – showing the most recent six results for every team and the last ten seasons’ scores on this head-to-head game – as well as the current streak. The results are then displayed every two minutes – including all the scores at the end of each play period.

You can also find each division’s stats from both conferences (AFC or NFC) by choosing the appropriate link on the right of your screen during your betting period. If you want to gamble on an individual game, simply click the odds displayed adjacent to each team in the box. This will then open up a betting box, and you can choose your stake money. You will also be given different multiple bet choices depending on the number of selections you make (doubles, trebles etc.).

You can place a wager on your selection to win any of the divisions – or the Super Bowl itself before the virtual season gets underway. If you click the odds button next to your choice on the league table, the pick then appears in the betting box. Next, simply choose your stake and place the bet.

The games are decided by a random number generator which uses the system’s rating for each team. In other words, it’s all about making “weighted” choices. But it’s also fun to bet on your favourite team, of course.

The great thing about Touchdown is that you can play it for free just by playing in demo mode only if you prefer. And it’s particularly great for passing the time on long journeys – playing on your mobile device.

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