Sports Betting: Fun vs. Business


If you read some popular sports betting sites they show absolute disdain for any bettors who like to just bet on their team or go with their gut instinct. To them if you don’t break down everything from the weather conditions to the players personal relationship problems then you’re not well informed enough.

While their is plenty to learn from people who take it that seriously their is also a time to tell them to Fuck Off!

The fact of the matter is putting a few clams down on a game makes it more fun to watch. The first year I bet on sports at all I bet on my home team (The Eagles) every single game no matter what with no regard. Let’s just say that it’s good I excel at on-line poker because my winnings there covered up my losses on games. You can try here to get some additional info.

Even now as I have gotten more experienced I still always put a few bucks down on the Birds to win no matter what just because I want to. If the line looks bad I’m not going to throw down any B. Franklin’s but a 10 or 20 spot isn’t going to seriously damage my bankroll.

If you’re just getting started in sports betting I recommend you try Bodog. They have the lowest minimum deposit at $20.00 and you can bet as low as $1 or $5 bucks on games where some other sites have $10 or $20 dollar minimums. Of course they are good for bigger bets too and I think they have great customer service.



Their is a lot that can be said for treating sports betting like a serious investment/business. If you are disciplined and smart about your bets and money management you can easily make a 25% to 200% ROI in a single season. That crushes what’s considered a good stock market return (10% to 15% annually). A lot of what I know about money management in sports betting comes from my knowledge of on-line poker as the management of risk between the two are very similar. I would say it’s smart to have a minimum of 50 betting units in your bankroll and optimal to have at least 100. This way you can safely ride out the ups and downs without letting your emotions take over and betting too big to try and chase losses.

Personally, I don’t think I would make a great handicapper because so many outside factors go into decisions. I do ok on my gut instinct and base knowledge but I actually prefer to follow along the picks of a proven winner for my main bets. This season I am going with Kevin from He’s done really well this year and is up an incredible  87 betting units between hockey, baseball and now he won his first football bet on the Packers Vs. Saints season opener.

I’m gonna spill the beans here, it’s $85.00 to get Kevin’s picks for the entire NFL season. Some other guys charge $300 or more for the season and others even charge $30.00 per pick and upwards of $150.00 for a couple weeks. Kevin’s picks also have a money back guarantee (not that you’ll need it) so if you start off and don’t like his program you can return it for a full refund. At the very least, you should check out his site HERE as he does give out some of his picks for free.


No matter how you decide to treat your sports betting efforts, I hope you crush it this season!!!




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Kate Potter is a professional sports better and a semi-pro fantasy football player.

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