Super Bowl outrights

You can talk all you want about points betting, spread-betting and various nuances associated with betting on our favorite game. But for many gamblers, the simplicity of a Super Bowl winner’s outright bet with plenty games still to go is a great way of adding a little spice to proceedings.

super bowl

In particular, the beauty of such a bet in the modern age is the simplicity with which it can be layed back to lock in a profit if the selection does well. With the world’s largest gambling exchange, Betfair, this can be done at the click of a mouse.

So if, for example, you like the look of the potential, at least, for the Cincinnati Bengals to do well between now and next February 2nd, you can back them with Betfair for the outright win at somewhere around the 22/1 mark (the odds with Betfair are, of course, changing continually as there’s no bookie involved – it’s simply a market of “buyers” and “sellers”).

If they progress to the latter stages, then you could, for example, lay the Bengals back at say 11-1, reclaiming your initial stake and having a free bet at half the original odds. This is the single best thing about having a gamble with Betfair – but of course it could move the other way and you may be laying back some of your wager to minimize the loss; such is the gambler’s lot.

Currently, the market likes the chances of the Seattle Seahawks most, followed by the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots, the New Orleans Saints, the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers – all ahead in the market of the afore-mentioned Bengals.

Whatever your fancy, a shrewd bet now can certainly enhance the excitement we all feel in the run up to the Super Bowl final – particularly if your own team is ten longest of longshots.

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