WAGS Vs. Cheerleaders

NFL Cheerleaders Vs. NFL WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends)

Welcome to the showdown between NFL cheerleaders and NFL WAGs (wives and girlfriends). We’ve taken a gorgeous cheerleader from each team and put them up against a beatiful wife or girlfriend of a player from that same team. Round 1 consists of 12 NFC match ups. Round 2 will have 14 AFC match ups. Cheerleaders are on the left, WAGs on the right. Think the cheerleader is hotter? Then click the green thumbs up under her photo. Think the WAG is hotter, then click the blue thumbs down. Help us find the hottest woman in the NFL and finally determine… Who’s hotter… Cheerleaders or WAGs?

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Matchup: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader
Chelsey – on the left

Arizona Cardinals WAG
Nicole Williams – on the right
Wife of Kerry Rhodes, free safety

Photo Credits:
Image of Chelsey from AZCardinals.com
Image of Nicole from TheSuperModelGallery.com

Matchup: Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader
Sabrina – on the left

Atlanta Falcons WAG
Kim Zolciak – on the right
Fiancee of Kroy Biermann, defensive end

Kim is on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. See more of her at her website, KimZolciak.com.

Photo Credits:
Image of Sabrina from AtlantaFalcons.com
Image of Kim from HollywoodBackwash.com

Matchup: Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Cheerleader:
Aryn – on the left
Carolina Panthers WAG
Jess Gysin – on the right
Girlfriend of David Nelson, wide receiver

Jess is also a professional beach volleyball player, so she’s not only hot, but athletic too! See more of her at JessGysin.com

Photo Credits:
Image of Aryn from Panthers.com
Image of Jess from RightEntertainment.com

Matchup: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Nicole – on the left

Dallas Cowboys WAG
Candice Crawford – on the right
Wife of Tony Romo, quarterback

Candice was Miss Missouri USA 2008 and once placed in the top 10 for Miss USA.

Photo Credits:
Image of Nicole from DallasCowboysCheerleaders.com
Image of Candice from FantasyFootballSideline.com

Matchup: Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader
Blair – on the left
Minnesota Vikings WAG
Mary-Kate Fitzpatrick – on the right
Girlfriend of Matt Kalil, left tackle

Mary-Kate is a contestant for Miss California USA 2012, and former Miss Teenage California 2010.

Photo Credits:
Photo of Blair from Blog.TheLineup.net
Photo of Mary-Kate from her Facebook Page

Matchup: New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Cheerleader
Taylor – on the left

New Orleans Saints WAG
Jessica Burciaga – on the right
Girlfriend of Lance Moore, wide receiver

Jessica was also Playboy’s Miss February in 2009.
See more of her at Playboy.com

Photo Credits:
Photo of Taylor from Saintsations.net
Photo of Jessica from UrbanIslandz.com

Matchup: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Casey – on the left

Philadelphia Eagles WAG
Julie Dorenbos – on the right
Wife of Jon Dorenbos, long snapper

Photo Credits:
Image of Casey from PhiladelphiaEagles.com
Image of Julie from 24-7PressRelease.com

Matchup: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader
Taylor – on the left

San Francisco 49ers WAG
Sarah Hinton – on the right
Girlfriend of Garret Celek, tight end

Sarah is a 2012 Hooters Dream Girl contestant.
See her video at Hooters’ YouTube channel or more photos at SPEED TV.

Photo Credits:
Image of Taylor from 49ers.com
Image of Sarah from Photos.SpeedTV.com

Matchup: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader
Brandy – on the left
Seattle Seahawks WAG
Lacey Minchew – on the right
Girlfriend of Matt Flynn, quarterback

Lacey was Miss Louisiana 2009.

Photo Credits:
Image of Brandy from Seahawks.com
Image of Lacey from Examiner.com

Matchup: St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams Cheerleader
Jayne – on the left

St. Louis Rams WAG
Heather Mitts – on the right
Wife of AJ Feeley, quarterback

Heather has 3 Olympic gold medals as a soccer player for Team USA.
See more of her at HeatherMitts.com

Photo Credits:
Image of Jayne from StLouisRams.com
Image of Heather from Sportsnet.ca

Matchup: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader
Karen – on the left
Tampa Bay Buccaneers WAG
Janelle Winslow – on the right
Wife of Kellen Winslow, tight end

Photo Credits:
Image of Karen from Buccaneers.com
Image of Janelle from Amog.com

Matchup: Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Cheerleader
Mila – on the left

Washington Redskins WAG
Christy Oglevee – on the right
Wife of Chris Cooley, tight end

Christy is actually a former Redskins cheerleader, but was fired when it was discovered she was dating Chris Cooley. They married in 2008.

Photo Credits:
Image of Mila from Redskins.com
Image of Christy from Sports.PopCrunch.com

Sorry to Bears, Lions, Packers, and Giants fans… your teams do not have cheerleading squads.

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